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Information for Prospective Stallholders

Join us as a Stallholder each Saturday, and Sunday (and adjoining Monday public holiday) or have a pop-up stall on a weekend that suits you, to sell or promote your product!

We have the perfect place for you in our Market - take the next step and be a stallholder!

Swan Settlers Market is undercover, air-conditioned, and promotes artisan and produce including food outlets. Located approximately 30 minutes from Perth CBD in the Soul of the Swan Valley.

Special Introductory Offer

Special introductory offer for new stallholders., for a limited time. Please complete the form below and you will be eligible for our discounted rates.

$500 Security Deposit

4 Weeks at Half Rent

This rent incentive only applies provided the tenant remains at the market for six (6) months.

Please either the complete online form or download the PDF complete and email to




Please complete the details outlined below as part of the condition of this Expression of Interest.

To: Swan Settlers Market

Stall Sizes and Pricing
Costs exclusive of GST, power will be charged on usage. Price includes 5% marketing levy.
Please only make one selection, either ARTISAN or FOOD:

ARTISAN | Weekend Rate
Stall Type
FOOD | Weekend Rate
Platforms you currently participate.
I understand that this does not place me or the Market Management under any obligation to take or offer a lease. The tenant will be responsible to fit out the premises as approved by Management. All costs associated with the fit out to be borne by the tenant. In addition to an agreed rent for the tenancy, the tenant will be required to pay an advertising contribution levy, individual tenancy water and power as per consumption (if required) plus any GST applicable. I, as an applicant, acknowledged that I have read the Rules of Swan Settlers Market (Rule) and will, prior to entry as a Tenant to the Market, satisfy the insurance requirements set out in Rule 33. The final locations offered will be the best layout considered for all tenants to promote interest in every area of the market and ensure customer flow to all areas.

Thanks for submitting! Our manager will respond shortly.

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