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ABA Productions

Original Art Creations by Annette Appleby.

I am a Western Australian Artist and Art Teacher with a passion for ceramic based design, textures and colour. I have developed a range of decor items to be used with essential oils to enhance your home and yourself. I have also released a range of other decor items including original paintings in a variety of styles.

Adora Perfumery

Adora Perfumery create their unique fragrances used in their range of room diffusers and exclusive perfumes and colognes in the sanctuary of their boutique perfumery in the beautiful Perth Hills. Each scent is hand crafted and blended to ensure its quality and excellence. The range includes perfumes and solid perfumes for women, colognes for men and reed diffusers for your home.

0413 886 799

Charlie Koala

Self-funded not for Profit Advocacy.

Supporting the well-being of our past and present service men and women with mental health issues, with the sale of our unique hand-made personalised framed prints. The vision is to establish methods of creating funds that can support in areas of recreation, wellness, counselling. Visit Tom and Charlie and support the cause.

Charlie McCallum 043 288 1402

Thomas John Dixon 041 503 1729

Green Woodman

Our mission is to pass on our skill and passion for working with green wood and reclaimed timber, and to teach others how to create unique furniture for themselves. This is a form of wood craft or in broad terms, carpentry or "Bodging" that works unseasoned or "green" timber into finished items.

0417 043 131

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Ian Kallas

I studied commercial art in Essex England for two years in the early sixties obtaining my general certificate of education. Regrettably I did not pursue a career in art but the passion was always there. I came to Australia in 1974 with my wife & two children. My career here was in nursing at RPH with the latter years working in cardiology as a cardiac technician.

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Keith Hockley Artist

Beautiful artwork

Awesome work

Very impressive art work

You will love every single painting...unique art!

Looking for that unique gift or special point of interest for your wall then check out HOCKS ART at Swan Settlers Markets.

0418 929 525

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Robyn | Aboriginal Art

Robyn ‘Ngarritjan’ Hardy (aka Madafferi) comes from a long line of artists from the Alawa/ Mara lands (NT Gulf country) known as the ’Salt Water People’. Robyn has also cultivated a rich history in the Swan Valley arts community and we are very proud that she has made herself at home in the Swan Settlers Market.

Pictured here are some of her vibrant works, but Robyn has also cultivated a rich history in the Swan Valley arts community and we are very proud that she has made herself at home in the Swan Settlers Market.

Sandra Leach Art

My creative work started at age 10, painting in acrylic and drawing. I sold my first painting at 10. Between 18 & 28 I Painted various commissions, bush scene's, animals & portraits on canvas.

4 years age I was inspired to start creating again.

Works available include art prints produced in W.A. and signed, painting in oil paint on Belgium canvas - original paintings.

0416 339 737


Timbacraft produces a range of quality crafted boards and platters in a range of styles and finishes. Each board is hand-crafted and finished to display the fine grains and colours within each piece of timber. Timbacraft also accept commissions for one of boards to meet your individual needs.

0432 195 972

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