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Charlie Koala's Healthy Eating

“Charlie Koala Healthy Eating” has the motto “we’re not pretty, but we’re fresh, healthy, and economical”. And while the fresh produce may have a bump or blemish, it still tastes perfectly good.

Charlie Koala is a self-funded not-for-profit operation run by Charlie McCallum and Tom Dixon, and 100% of profits go to help veterans and current servicemen and women.

With their Healthy Eating stall, Charlie and Tom provide a low-cost source of fruit, vegetables, and fish to encourage healthy eating for everyone. And they employ veterans to run it.

So come along and fill your fridge with delicious healthy food and help our veterans at the same time.

0415 031 729


ElliDom Produce & Gingin Jam

The Natural Taste.

All natural ingredients sourced from the Gingin region & surrounding areas. 

All Elli & Dom's recipes are traditional style, with Australian ingredients. No artificial colours or additives. You'll find a great selection of jams, pickles, and relishes. Plus ElliDom's famous Pickles Onions in traditional or chili.

0437 613 813

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Swan Settlers Local Produce

Our local produce vendor has quality local in-season honey, olive oil, vinegar, olives, eggs, and herbs and spices!

Come and experience the difference in quality.

0406 878 447

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