About Swan Settlers Market

The Swan Settlers Market is located in the heart of the Swan Valley it is home to a wonderful range of friendly and passionate artisans, growers and producers!

Entry is FREE and all are welcome. Come down with your family and friends and discover numerous stalls offering meat, fresh produce, handmade arts, crafts, treats, fashion & accessories.

There is also food & cuisine (including an American-style Smokehouse), treats & confectionery, gourmet favourites (jams, preserves, truffles and more) and of course, coffee & cake!

Adding the vibrant community atmosphere is the Annie's Collective Wonderland with up-cycled and recycled wares, plus live music, kids activities, cellar door and so much more!

If you are inspired by the ingenuity and creativity of the local community, you can take part in engaging and immersive workshops.

Swan Settlers Market is a new market in the Swan Valley. It's a place where people meet, where recipes are swapped, new exotic flavours tried from our world class smokehouse, an extensive range of fresh produce, local wine, arts and crafts.

What we offer:

  • Artisan

  • Vintage

  • Local craft

  • Local Art

  • Baked bread, coffee & pastries

  • Farm direct produce

  • Premium meats

  • Pottery

  • Candles

  • Free entry

  • Air conditioned

  • Free parking

  • 30 minutes from Perth CB

History Of The Market Place

Framed by a rumbling railway, rolling hills and lush vineyards, the Swan Settlers Market building has a rich historical tapestry woven in to its 100-year-old walls.

The building was constructed on the rich growing soils of the Swan Valley in 1919 to utilise the convenience of the East-West railway line. The fruit packing shed was the lifeblood of the region, showcasing the sun-kissed produce of the Valley through all seasons and became one of the largest fruit exporters in W.A.

It began with soldier resettlement after World War I. Originally a large landholding, it was divided into ten-acre-blocks to encourage the soldiers to come back and re-establish themselves in the region. They were given plots of land to grow grapes and apricots that were packed inside this massive shed. Unfortunately the soldiers were not amazing growers and the land was eventually taken over by new settlers.

In the late 1920s a large number of Yugoslavian men wandered over from the Goldfields, and eventually took over Swan Settlers Co-Operative. They were the largest populations of Slavs outside of Europe. It was because of this that the Yugoslavian King Peter II visited the humble Valley and Co-Op circa in the late 1930s.


But, after 80 years of operation Swan Settlers Co-op had to close its doors - until now.


New life has sprung and the corridors are once again pumping with people and purpose.


The Swan Valley is steeped in history and amazing talent. The Market aims to resurrect the dying arts, local produce and community spirit. It’s a fantastic weekly market with expert advice, quality produce, fun experiences and a peek into the world of a true artisans and creators.

Market Hours


We will keep you informed of updates on stallholders, expected future events and when to expect to re-open.

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Where to Find Us

Swan Settlers Market
124 Lennard Street, Herne Hill
Swan Valley WA 6056

P: 0418 623 732

E: info@swansettlersmarket.com.au