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Terms and Conditions

1. Parking: Unloading of vehicles can be done in the main carpark, however, cars must be moved before the market opening hours which is 9 am. Cars can be parked around the back of the markets near the exit gates or if that area is full there is a gravel overflow carpark at the back of the main carpark. Regos of cars will be checked in the main car park during the day if your vehicle is found to be in the main car park, you’ll be asked to move it as this limits the number of customers that can park in the main car park.

2. Bump In: You can set up stalls on Friday between 10 am and 3 pm or on the Saturday morning from 8 am. There are double doors to the outside of the function room that opens to the main carpark for access to bump in and bump out at the end of the event. Function room doors will be locked and secured as soon as any stalls have been set up. The inside Barn doors will be unlocked at 8 am each morning of the event.

3. Bump out: Packing up of stalls can only start at 4.30 pm once the double barn doors are closed. Cars can be brought closer to the function room doors at this time only.

4. Stall set up: A 6ft table will be supplied for your use. Please bring a table covering that will go to the floor on all sides. If you don’t have a fitted tablecloth a double-size flat sheet will fit. Please ensure the stall setup is safe and welcoming. No display signs to be on the outside of the stall. It is recommended that any business name signs be attached to the front of your table attached with safety pins. Fire exits are not to be blocked with any trolleys or boxes. Stalls are not to be changed around in any way as we have set up the venue in a way that benefits all stall holders, the flow of the public, and the safety of all involved.

5. Sharing of stalls: Sharing of stalls is allowed, however, both vendors need to fill in an application form. Please send both application forms together and only the top application form will be invoiced.

6. Fire Alarm: if the fire alarm sounds, please make your way to the closest fire escape door (this is the double glass door to the carpark in the function room) only taking yourself and cash. DO NOT START PACKING UP YOUR STALL.

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