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Above Hats

If you want to know about hats, then Trevor from Above Hats is your man! Trevor has been in the hat business for more than 25 years. He stocks hats for men, women and children. Hats include men’s waterproof and fashion hats, beanies, caps, and ladies fashion hats.

But he doesn’t just stock hats! Trevor also has a range of children’s clothing with Koala and Kangaroo print designs, as well as costume jewellery. The jewellery ranges from crystals and gemstones to leather items. Bracelets, dress rings, earrings, pendants – definitely a variety to choose from!

0409 884 405

Blue Wren Plants

Blue Wren Plants has stemmed from owner Sue’s love of gardening. Stocking different types of plants with a strong focus on succulents, but that’s not all! You’ll also find gorgeous garden-themed décor such as wall art, cushions, mugs, and plates, along with a selection of gardening books for both adults and children. Sue’s ethos is ‘to plant a garden is to plant happiness’.

0401 500 144

Crafts by Chrissy

Chrissy has been crafting for more than 20 years and loves the relaxation and therapeutic feeling creating brings to her. Her main crafts include serviette tiles, which is a six-inch paper serviette design glued onto a tile and twice varnished. There is an abundant array of designs to choose from. Other crafts include wooden plaques in various sizes with many quirky sayings and recipe folders for your favourite recipes! Whether you are looking for a quirky or sentimental gift, or want to update your home décor, there is plenty to choose from. You will also discover her baby knitting wear at her stall.

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D'Ange Arts & Crafts

Inspired by a love of crafts, Nevin Angeline Gintarong, is the craft woman behind D’Ange Arts & Crafts. Creative work for Ange is therapy, and you can be sure all items are hand-crafted with love and passion! You will find beautiful arrangements of dried flowers, mosaic wall planters, terrariums, crouched clothing and other items, purses, tote bags, and so much more! If you’re looking for a special gift or that unique something for yourself, you’ll find it at D’Ange Arts & Crafts.

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0478 128 625

Helen's Collectables

Helen has been collecting or rescuing 'stuff' for as long as she can remember! She has very clear memories of not wanting to waste or dispose of things which could be of use. Old buttons, pieces of fabric, clothes, boxes, furniture or any treasures big or small that crossed her path. Come and discover for yourself all things old, and new again!

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0407 946 714

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly covers all your dolls’ needs and more! Creator Helen has been sewing and embroidering for years! She makes dolls which have no removable parts and are super easy to machine wash, and her most popular item is dolly’s carry bed. You’ll also find knitted dolls’ dresses, purses, nappy stackers, and a selection of other diverse dolls’ needs. Along with making all things for dolly, Helen also knits and crochets clothing for babies and toddlers.

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0475 252 024

Kevill's Home & Garden

At Kevill’s Home & Garden you’ll find craft extraordinaire, Robyn. Robyn has been knitting and crafting since she was 15 years old! Her speciality range includes knitted jumpers from children to adult sizes, crochet hand-towels featuring football team themes, knitted scarves and beanies, quilts from small to queen-size, dog jumpers, wheat bags, dish cloths, face washers, bibs, aprons, and the list goes on! She has a love for using recyclable items, and if you’re looking for something in particular that you can find, ask her, she may just make it for you!

0428 556 118

Nelly's Arts & Craft

Gail Nelson has always loved painting! She loves playing around with colours and paints and seeing the finished product on walls, or displayed on tables as coasters. From this, was born Nelly’s Arts & Crafts. Officially commencing about five years ago, Gail’s love expanded to upcycling of jars, old photo frames and flower art.

Come and see just how clever she is with turning old into fabulous!

0402 170 817

Wood N Wax

Hand-crafted and hand-painted. That is Wood N Wax! Duo Lou and Jane, have well over 50 sayings in their pine plaque range. Lou hand-crafts each piece of wood, and Jane paints and decorates each plaque – all acrylic and all covered with a gloss coat.

They also make stunning wax lanterns hanging on a macramé hanger, in different colours and two sizes. Unless you place them in direct 38 degrees sunlight, they won’t melt! Gorgeous to hang indoors or out.

0417 867 176

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